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Western Kentucky Outdoors Outfitter Guided Hunts


Kentucky Deer Hunting Outfitter

Hunting Trophy Bucks in Kentucky!

Trophy Buck With Western Kentucky Outdoors you will be hunting trophy bucks. Thanks to the KDFWR, Kentucky has become one of the top producers of trophy bucks in recent years. With a one buck limit many Kentucky bucks make it past 2 years of age, allowing them to mature and grow the head gear of a trophy buck. Kentucky now ranks 5th as Boone and Crocket producing state.





Kentucky Buck

Here at Western Kentucky Outdoors we hunt across 4 Kentucky Counties that have produced trophy bucks for years. Traditionally these counties are in the top 10 deer harvest counties across Kentucky. With it's rich mixture of farm land, hardwoods and bottomland, the western part of Kentucky has always been the place to kill a trophy buck.

Hopkins, Henderson, Webster, Union County




To view hunts and 2017 prices Click HERE. If you do not see dates you are interested in we will work to customize a hunt for you. Typically our hunts are structured around what we feel are the best times to harvest a trophy buck. We can put any length of hunt together, whether it is 3-4-5-6 or 7 days. We can do combo hunts such as archery-muzzleloader or archery-rifle, even crossbow-muzzleloader.



Non-Resident Hunting License: $140. (A 7day Hunting license, nor a Small game license is not sufficient for hunting deer or turkey in Kentucky)

A Non-Resident Deer Permit: $120. (1 buck and 1 doe or 2 does)

Non-Resident Youth Hunting License: $10

Non-Residen Youth Deer Permit: $15

You can purchase your Kentucky Hunting license and deer permit online by clicking the yellow KDFWR logo below. You may purchase them over the counter at locations like Walmart and local sporting goods stores as well. ****Remember, if you do not spend at least $260 on your license and permit you are not legal for deer or turkey hunting in Kentucky!!!


Click the links below to read about how a typical hunt goes and a list of what you may want to bring.


What to Bring


We are serious about our deer hunting and spend time scouting all year. We will provide you with information that we consider as a standard for the area we have you hunting or an area that you have chosen to hunt. Bottom line, you will be the judge of your trophy buck. We will not limit you on a spread measurement or point restriction, nor will we penalize you for taking any deer. It will however be by legal means and tagged accordingly. If you hunt with us, we have one goal, to put you on a trophy buck.

We hope to be of service to you and show you a very enjoyable trip. Every effort will be put forth to make it as such.



2017 Archery Deer HuntsKentucky Archery Buck

2017 Kentucky Deer Hunts and Rates: Click here

email or call for more information.


(license/permit/food/lodging not included in hunt price)



2017 Rifle Deer Hunts

Season dates: We book a limited number of rifle hunts which allows us to provide you with a quality hunt. We only hunt the first 10 days of rifle season to reduce pressure for our late season muzzleloader hunters and archers. Occasionaly we will setup up a later rifle hunt but this is upon request. You can contact us for additional information, available dates and references.

Kentucky Deer Hunting

2017 Kentucky Rifle Hunt Dates:

November 11-12-13-14th

November 16-17-18-19th

Rates: $950 3-day hunt / $1200 4-day hunt / $1500 5-day (license/permit/food/lodging not included in hunt price)

Call or email now to book your 2017 hunt with WKO.



2017 Kentucky Muzzleloader Hunts

Kentucky Muzzleloader Buck

2017 Kentucky Muzzleloader Hunt Dates:

October 21-22nd

December 11-19th

Rate: 2-day October hunt is $500.

December hunt is 3-day $600/4-day $800(license/permit/food/lodging not included in hunt price)

Call or email now to book your 2017 hunt with WKO.



Kentucky LandToday we hunt several farms across 4 counties that total over 3,000 acres.

We stay on top of the deer on our properties and move stands accordingly and as needed.

Many times we will take you into an area and hang a stand just prior to your hunt. This affords you that 1st time chance that is so often your best at taking a trophy buck.



Kentucky Archery Buck

We are all proficient hunters here at Western Kentucky Outdoors. We understand our deer throughout the seasons. If you are looking for heated blinds, fenced deer and 4 wheeler rides to your stand location, we're not likely your setup.

What to Bring


All of our properties are game rich and scenic. They are owned by us or exclusively leased. We are not farmers trying to supplement our income. We are hard-core hunters ourselves.

Through management and hunting practices we try to insure quality game and trophy animals.



How do we manage our properties if we let you the hunter judge what is a trophy? Simple. Scouting, scouting, scouting and WE DO NOT over hunt our properties. Our hunts are limited every year. Unlike other Kentucky outfitters, we do not look to bring as many hunters through as we can. We only book the number of hunters we can provide a chance at a trophy buck. Also take into consideration over 70% of the hunters we book are archery hunters. We also limit the amount of rifle hunts and ONLY hunt the first 9-10 days of the firearms season.

Our hunts are fair chase hunts for game in wild and scenic farm country. There are no high fences. This is hunting as it was meant to be! While we cannot guarantee game, we can say hunters in the past have been very satisfied with our services. Every year we have clients that take Pope & Young bucks.





Kentucky Archery

Here in Kentucky our fall firearm season coincides with the peak of the rut. This is unlike most states whose seasons usually follow peak rut by a week or more..

This buck was taken on the first day of rifle season by a repeat client. The buck was chasing does mid-morning when the hunter decided to take the shot. .




Kentucky Youth Hunt One thing we enjoy is our youth hunters. There is nothing like putting a smile on a kids face with their first buck. Kentucky offers youths the first crack at a trophy buck during early October with a 2-day firearm hunt for kids ages 15 and under. Both resident and non-resident hunters under the age of 12 can hunt without a license purchase. Call or email for more information.

We also cater to those that may have a physical ailment that prevents you from hunting in a traditional manor.

For those hunters we will try to accommodate any needs that you might have. We simply ask to call for us to discuss your individual needs and situation.


Kentucky Archery Hunt

This trophy buck was harvested on a late October bow hunt on one of our first really cool mornings of the year.

With a good buck to doe ratio we see good results from rattling and grunting during this time of the year. The other side of the coin being if we have warm temps, deer movement will suffer.




Kentucky ArcheryHere at WKO we harvest deer throughout the hunting season. Why? Because we are scouting 12 months of the year. We also hunt in just about every weather condition mother nature might present.

All tree stand hunters will be required to wear a safety harness, or the hunt will be abandoned. You can choose to use our stands or hunt from your own. We will work to cater to your style of hunting. Whether that be stalking, still-hunting or from a blind or stand.



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