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Guided Hunts for Whitetail Deer, Merriams Turkey, Pheasant, Waterfowl and Predators

Kentucky Waterfowl Hunting

Hunt Blinds, Pits, Big Lakes or Sloughs of Western Kentucky!

Western Kentucky has some of the best duck hunting there is to offer in state. With two of the biggest Waterfowl Management areas located in this part of the state, many species of waterfowl find themselves migrating through the Commonwealth and resting along the way.

The key and often a must to being successful hunting waterfowl in Kentucky is being mobile and have the ability to hunt the areas that have birds. Whether it is hunting sloughs, flooded timber, fields, strip pits, ponds, rivers or the big lakes. Through a network of contacts and being afield by the day we know what we need to do.

If you have a hunt planned with us and we don’t feel that we can provide you with a quality hunt, we will call it off or let you make the decision based on the information we provide you about bird numbers. If we call it or you call it, we will refund your deposit. If we can reschedule a date that works for both we'll do that to. Some years can be just that bad.

Waterfowl hunting in Western Kentucky can be feast or famine. Many seasons are up and down. November can start out with good action but high water can fill the fields off the Ohio, Green and Tradewater Rivers and flood out most of our areas, scattering birds, displacing us from using pits. In the month of December it can be warm. Rivers can also be high and as they can be any month of the season spreading birds and limiting tactics. January can be on and good numbers of ducks and geese making their way here. Often mid to late January right up until the last day can be the best hunting of the entire 60 day season.

The big lakes can often hold great numbers of ducks, great numbers of divers in fact, and so can the river. If this is the case, there is often a back up plan if we cannot count on puddle ducks to offer a good shoot Some years we do not spend any time hunting divers, other times we make a lot of road trips or time on the river.

Kentucky Late Season Late Season Hunting



Our goal is to provide you with a memorable hunting experience that does not involve watching empty skies. With our hunting access we can wade hunt numerous sloughs. Our equipment allows us to hunt the big lakes or rivers by boat, use make shift blinds on the banks of pits or ponds or a shallow water eddy setup on a river.




Here at WKO we stay on top of the ducks we hunt throughout the season. This affords us to be able to be mobile when needed and not sit watching empty skies.

What to Bring



Depending on our setup we can shoot a variety of birds. Hunting big water often allows you to shoot a mixed bag of ducks if we have good numbers in the area. If not, big water will generally mean divers. Bluebills, Redheads, Mergansers, Canvasback.

Mostly throughout the season we are hunting puddle ducks over decoys from pits, in a field or slough and killing a variety of ducks; Wood duck, Mallards, Black duck, Gadwalls, Widgeon, Pintail, Teal, Spoons and at times a Golden eye or two will show up in the bag.

The glory days of goose hunting in Kentucky are long gone and its simply a waste of time and effort to target geese specifically today. So we do not "Book Goose Hunts." We do use goose decoys in our spreads and will kill a number of geese throughout the year as opportunity allows.




You can choose to do your own calling or we can do it for you..

We will call ALL shots during the hunt... No exceptions.

You are welcome to bring your dog. Please arrange when you book your hunt if this is your plan. If you choose to bring your own dog and the dog is not a cooperative dog, then we will ask the dog be confined during the hunt.






Full Day Hunt: $250 per hunter

1/2 Day Hunt: $190 per hunter

Join us at first light and hunt until 11am on our 1/2 day hunts.

Full day hunts run until limit is reached or 2pm.l

If you have a hunt booked with us and we do not have the ducks to support a good hunt, we will communicate with you and if you choose to cancel based on empty skies, your deposit will be refunded.

If you love to hunt ducks and would like to put a trip together give me a call. We encourage to book early as our waterfowl hunts usually book full.

What to Bring

Our early wood duck season always provides for some fast action. With a 2 wood duck limit, these hunts are fast and furious.





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