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Guided Hunts for Whitetail Deer, Merriams Turkey, Pheasant, Waterfowl and Predators

Western Kentucky Outdoors

How Our Hunts Take Place

Below you will find an overview of how we conduct our hunts. This is a basic generalization of what you should expect.

Typically we ask our clients to arrive the afternoon/evening before their first days hunt. Once checked in we ask you to give us a call and we will arrange a meeting time. You should have time to secure license, permits, eat, rest, etc. before we meet up.

During this meeting we will talk about recent hunting, expectations, WKO rules, go over our liability release and settle up on any hunt balances. We will also establish a pick-up time for the following morning. Any questions you have will also be answered or addressed. All 3-day hunts are a full 3-days, three mornings and three evenings. We cannot control the weather and you should be prepared to hunt. Your choice to not hunt does not mean additional hunting time will be provided. In the event of lightning, etc. We will be ready to go if and when the weather breaks.

Most often stand locations are decided on the morning of your hunt. This is mostly due to knowing exactly what the wind direction is doing. Due to the hilly nature of some properties it can vary greatly. We try to have our clients in the best seat possible on any given hunt. In most all situations we will be able to give you information on the bucks using the area, trail cam pics, time the deer should be expected to move and from what direction. Obviously this is not an exact science, nor do we have a crystal ball, but more often than not, the hunt unfolds as we try to ready you for.

First Morning

WKO staff will arrive to pick you up at the pre-determined pick up time. WKO provides all transportation to and from your hunting areas. Depending on the time of year, following the morning hunt you may be transported back to the hotel until an afternoon pickup time for your evening hunt. During this time you can eat, sleep, shower, etc. Most choose to hunt all day during pre-rut, rut and firearm hunts. Your guide will have a cooler so you can pack a field lunch for these in the field all day times. WKO staff can also transport you between hunts to eat lunch, visit a convenience store or whatever the need might be.

On subscequent mornings a pickup time will be determined based on the property to be hunted and the amount of time the hunter needs before going afield.


For afternoon hunts, if the time of year is early then you will likely be transported back to the hotel after your morning hunt and picked up later in the afternoon for the evening hunt. Sept and October hunting is most often warm with temps being in the 80's and upper 90's at times during the day. If it is late October or November, we are likely recommending an all-day hunt or hunting well into the late morning and maybe coming out for an hour for lunch, rest and maybe a move to a different hunting property.

After The Shot

By either radio or cell phone you will contact your guide. He will then come into your location. We ask all hunters to pay CLOSE attention to where the animal was shot. Many times a hunter cannot tell us where the deer was standing, even at a mere 15 yards. This is important if a shot is marginal. We ask that hunters remain on stand unless they visually see the animal go down. The only other reason for a hunter to climb down is to mark where the animal was shot. We do not want a hunter trailing the deer on their own for a number of reasons, all of which will be covered upon your arrival.

In the event game is harvested, WKO will provide retreival of that game from the field. If you desire to take your meat home, WKO will provide general game preparation such as breasting of birds or quartering of deer. If you do not want your game meat, the meat WKO will skin the animal as neces WKO will skin the animal as necessary and get it frozen for your trip home. All coolers and ice for game meat is the hunter's responsibility, not WKO staff's.


All of our equipment is kept in good shape. Stands are not left out year around. We regularly update equipment if needed, replace any straps needed or hardware. For bow hunters we primarily use Loc-On style stands. Loc-on stands are made by Loggy Bayou, Gorilla and Big Game. We use 15-20ft ladder sticks for climbing. Our Muzzleloader and Rifle hunters sit in 15-18ft store bought ladders. Ladder stands vary from 2-man, 1.5man and single style. 2-man stands support father/son, husband/wife hunting or for those of you who are bigger men. We also maintain a number of pop-up and natural made ground blinds.

At times it makes sense to use climbers in some areas and when this is needed we use Summit and Ole' Man climbers. We have no problems with hunters bringing their own climbers for comfort and familiarity sake.

If you have any questions, comments or if your interested in a hunt please contact us.











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