Hunt Deposit Disclaimer


I ______________________________ hereby acknowledge that I am agreeing to deposit

the amount of $______ toward hunting to take place in Western Kentucky,

hosted by Western Kentucky Outdoors for the amount of $_______. It is understood

my deposit will secure the dates of _________, 20__ to _______, 20__. Additional days

must be prearranged. If I must cancel my hunt, my deposit will be forfeited.


Upon arrival, I will be required to submit payment in the form of cash or

Money order for $_______, the remaining balance. This will satisfy all money owed to

Western Kentucky Outdoors. If payment by check is desired, I must send a check made

out to Western Kentucky Outdoors for the balance owed 30 days prior to my arrival to

allow for bank clearing.


I further understand that no warranty, either express or implied, is being made by

Western Kentucky Outdoors as to the condition of the hunting arrangement to take place

between __________, 20__ and _____________, 20__. All hunts are

fair chase and conducted by game laws set forth by the Kentucky Department of Fish

and Game.


Hunterís Printed Name: ________________________________________________

Hunterís Address, City, ST,Zip: _________________________________________

Email Address or Phone Number: ________________________________________

Hunterís Signature : ________________________________________________