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Guided Hunts for Trophy Bucks, Turkey, Waterfowl and Fishing

Welcome to Western Kentucky Outdoors!

Western Kentucky Outdoors is a Kentucky Outfitter providing hunts for Kentucky Trophy Whitetail deer, Kentucky turkey and Kentucky waterfowl at affordable prices without the hunting being sacrificed. We are dedicated to making sure each hunt is a quality hunt. You have some control over your expenses to help fit your budget and help take the question out of the equation of how much of the cost really went to food and lodging. We are not in the bed and breakfast business. You are hunting and we prefer to focus on what you came here to do, Hunt Kentucky Whitetails. We will assist you on getting here and making accommodations in the areas you will be hunting. We will provide transportation to and from hunting areas, help with game care and processing needs.

Kentucky Whitetail HuntI have various experiences hunting across this great country of ours and have incorporated the best of those experiences here at Western Kentucky Outdoors. This helps insure the best possible experience for you. We listen to our clients each year and make changes based on feedback and what our clients want to see on their return trips with WKO. That is right, return trips. Our hunters return year after year to hunt with us. We do realize we cannot make everyone happy, but communication is key and if do not think we can provide a satisfying hunt experience for you, we will tell you as much before booking.

We put in countless hours preparing for our hunts. Our preparation begins from the time season goes out until the next one opens. We are not your so-called pro. We are the guys who are behind the so-called pro's making them look like pros. Simply put, we help hunters bag the trophy buck, gobbler or other game they may be after.

For a look at what to expect during your hunt ---> HOW OUR HUNTS TAKE PLACE.

Our hunts are 100% Fair Chase. We cannot guarantee a kill, but we do guarantee we will work hard and do everything possible to make your hunt a success and enjoyable. Our hunts are conducted in a professional manner and 110% will be given. We take a personal interest in your hunt to make sure you have a positive experience while here.


Kentucky Guided Deer Hunts

"We want to shake your hand when you arrive and be able to do the same when you leave. This cannot be accomplished unless you have a hunt that is enjoyable regardless of success." Bill Cartwright.








One thing to know is we tell it like it is here at Western Kentucky Outdoors. Simply put we speak the truth. Our services will not put you in a 5 star lodge, provide 7 course meals or place you in a heated blind. What we will do is tailor your hunt to your liking, do the legwork before you get here and continue that as needed while you are here hunting to help insure the best chance at success, whether you are here after a trophy Kentucky whitetail buck, Kentucky Eastern Wild Turkey or Kentucky waterfowl.

If you are a bow hunter you don't have to worry about showing up and getting stuck in stands for firearm hunting. We are bow hunters first and foremost ourselves and know what it takes to take quality, P&Y caliber bucks.

WE ARE NOT a hunter mill. We are not about getting through as many hunters as we can each season. Our hunts are very limited. This allows us to insure everyone is catered to, has a good hunt and enjoys themselves while in Kentucky. At the same time, this helps insure future success in seasons that follow. With WKO you will NOT find yourself in a situation where you were told only 6 would be in camp and when you arrive find 20. Not even 10.

We care about what we provide here at WKO. Just ask for a list of references to find out for yourself. We have always been one of the most affordable and successful operations around. What you will find is we are good at what we do and do it the way it was meant to be. We are honest, up front and it's by FAIR CHASE!!

One thing is for sure; this site and our operation exists because of the passion we have for the outdoors here in Western Kentucky.

I hope you enjoy the content of this site. Check back often, like the seasons, it will change.



Kentucky Trophy Buck

"We are very black and white about our hunting and what we can offer. " Bill Cartwright.







Kentucky Hunting Blog

Unlike a lot of outfitters, we strive to keep our web site, prices and information current. The Front Porch gives past, present and future clients a snap shot of what is going on here.

We use nothing but recent photos and references from our hunts. This gives our clients an up-to-date, honest report concerning our clients' successes and trophies taken..






Kentucky Buck

Click here to view the Trophy Buck Hunts currently being offered by Western Kentucky Outdoors.

Click Here to view Turkey hunts currently being offered.






kentucky propertyWe utilize trail cameras throughout the year to keep tabs on the trophy bucks who spend much of their time on our properties. We post these results regularly in the Trail Cam Section located on the left side of this page.

This helps give us first hand knowledge of the trophy bucks we are hunting and allows us to be non-invasive. Several trophy bucks are harvested each fall that we capture on trail cams.






kentucky hunting
Kentucky has over the counter license and tags.

Non-residents can purchase all licenses and permits over the counter or online through the provided link or clicking the department logo on the left.



Non-Resident Hunting License: $140

Non-Resident Deer Permit: $120

Non-Resident Turkey Permit: $75

Non-Resident Youth License: $10, Youth Deer Permit: $15


western kentucky guided hunts

A high percentage of clients return each fall to hunt with us. If not the following year, they may return every second or third year to hunt with us.






Kentucky Trophy Buck

For a list of references please email us and we will gladly provide you a list of both successful and unnsuccessful clients.








Western Kentucky Pope and YoungBowhunting trophy bucks is our passion and fuels us each day. On a typical year over 70% of our clients are bow hunters.

We put a lot of time into scouting and expect every setup to provide shot opportunities. Though we cannot guarantee success and not everyone is successful while here, we do put forth every effort to put a buck in front of you. .

Our hunts are 100% Fair Chase. .




Western Kentucky P&Y BucksWe are bow hunters ourselves and we know what it takes to take Pope and Young bucks. There is nothing that we know of that leads to greater success than scouting and being in the field.. Often bucks can be scouted for weeks at a time before actually going in and trying to kill him, while other situations may be seeing a buck do something and killing him the very next day going in with a stand.

We remain mobile as needed to have success. We may go in and place a stand as you wait to climb the tree or pack a climber in to hunt a spot for the first time after having glassed something the night before while you hunted elsewhere. We are firm believers in the first time or two a stand is hunted is your best opportunity at tagging the trophy buck you are hunting.



Spring Archery Bear

The team here at WKO takes trips throughout the year. We make these available to you, so if interested in hunting other states, drop us a line and we'll be sure to bring you up to speed on what we have going on, availability and costs.



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